The STLE Canton Section is seeking sponsors to help support the Section Scholarship fund, the Canton Section’s STEM and related student activities. The STLE is the premier technical Society whose mission is to advance the science of tribology, and the practice of lubrication engineering in order to foster innovation, improve the performance of products and equipment, conserve resources and protect the environment.


The STLE Canton Section provides scholarships to deserving local students studying in tribology related fields, supports local STEM activities at primary and secondary education levels and subsidizes local students at the local section technical meetings and education events. These activities help enhance the local student knowledge in the fields of tribology and engineering related fields. In 2016/2017 the Section provided $2800 to support these activities. We intend to continue and improve upon these efforts.


We have four levels of support that are available as outlined below:

Bronze level: $25 - $99

Silver Level: $100 - $499

Gold level: $500 - $749

Platinum: $750 and up


The funds will be dispersed at the following ratio; 40% towards the scholarship fund, 40% towards the STEM activities and 20% towards student subsidies for technical meetings and education events.


Your company will be recognized in all of the Sections mailings, the STLE Canton Section website as well as your company’s logo being prominently displayed at our technical meetings and events.


To further enhance your company’s profile, companies that provide a sponsorship of $750 and up will be provided the opportunity to showcase their company at our Commercial Marketing Forum/Education event to be held in March 2018.

Your tax deductible donation helps the STLE Canton Section enhance the education and career potential of deserving local students. Thank you for your consideration.

Click here to contact the secretary of the section to get more details about how you can submit the checks.

You can also choose to pay your contribution online by clicking on the Donate button below and entering your donation amount there:


Please visit the STLE web site at for more information and its premier magazine TLT for more on what we are about.
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