STLE Canton - Education Seminar 2018

"Tribology and Lubrication for Wind Turbines"

2018 STLE Canton Education Seminar


This one day seminar organized by the STLE Canton Section will provide a basic understanding of tribology and lubrication for  wind turbines. The topics covered in this education seminar are extremely relevant for the professionals of related  mechanical engineering and lubrication industries as well as STLE members to stay on top of the various aspects that affect the lubrication and performance of the mechanical components within wind turbines.

The topics will be presented by experts from top tier lubricant and bearing companies. It will also provide a great opportunity to get in touch with industry leaders and interact with them about the issues of prominence in the fields of tribology today.

All attendees will receive a USB flash drive with speaker presentations. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Please register for the seminar by Mar 9, 2018. The seating is limited, so register as early as you can.

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